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Help us create job opportunities for the village of La Cuchilla

$2,310 raised

$16,000 goal

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"I grew up in a family that was dedicated to fundraising for causes they were passionate about. This led me to be an active fundraiser for a few organizations throughout college and the start of my professional career. Recently, I learned about Humanity and Hope and felt such a connection to it, and I am honored and excited to be fundraising for them. Currently they are trying to raise funds to create jobs in a village in Honduras. The village of La Cuchilla consists of 27 families living in 20 small homes. The villagers of La Cuchilla have told H&H they have been praying for seventeen years for their arrival. They have no jobs, no access to education in their village and all share one well to obtain life-sustaining water, which must be boiled in order to make sure it's safe to drink.

Together, we can help create opportunities for the people of La Cuchilla to provide for themselves and their families. Your donation will generate corn and plantation businesses, providing agricultural jobs similar to those that have helped Hondurans in other villages not only survive, but thrive. It all starts with building trust, deep relationships and creating opportunities for a better future. Will you help us start the transformation? Please remember any amount of donation - big or small - helps! Thanks in advance for your support" -- Caitlin Safchik