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Give something up this month to give an opportunity to others

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We spend money every month on things like entertainment, satisfaction, and/or hobbies. What if we gave up something every month to create an opportunity for someone else?

We want to challenge you to Be the Light and bring hope to others by doing something that feels uncomfortable, in order to pay it forward. At first this challenge may seem overwhelming, but when we think about the hope created for others, the challenge is actually less threatening. What can you give up this month to bring light and hope into someone's life?

At the end of this video, Jose Luis, the village leader of the men in La Corosa says "We just want to help others because we have been helped." Jose Luis makes around $10 per day and he wants to help other people in other villages. If he desires to be a light to someone, then we should to! We are all capable of making a difference and helping others.