Help raise the funds to finish building Fani's house  image

Help raise the funds to finish building Fani's house

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$5,830 goal

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Everything starts with shelter and water. No amount of goodwill can substitute for our most basic human needs. Without a safe place to sleep or clean water to drink, human life cannot progress beyond securing them. Conversely, securing them lifts our eyes beyond our next cup of water or next night’s sleep and begins the journey of hope.

Fani, a 27 year old young lady with 4 kids, was married for 8 years. One day, very unexpectedly her husband decided to go to work in another city far from the village of Remolino, where they lived. Days and months went by and her husband did not return. Just recently, he reached out and told her it was best to separate. She had to take charge of her house and had to figure out how she was going to feed all four of her children. She lived in a small adobe house, near the park in the village Remolino.

A few months ago the owners of the house where she lived, decided to kick her out. Leaving her with no other option but to move into a house that only has one wall. There is not a day or night that they don't live without fear, they do not feel secure in their current home. They basically live in the wide open. Living in these conditions puts them at great risk where evil can harm them, animals, snakes and even mosquitoes with diseases can bite them.

Nobody deserves to live this way, especially with 4 small children.

Fani is convinced that Humanity and Hope can raise the funds to build the remaining 3 walls of her home to live in better conditions.

She thanks God and the organization for caring about her and her family.